Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the 93rd National Day celebrations for businesses in Saudi Arabia.

This event, celebrated annually on September 23, honors the consolidation of the kingdom by its founding monarch, Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Businesses from various industries come together to honor Saudi Arabian nationalism and pay tribute to the country’s economic, social, and technological advancements.

The event offers an insider’s perspective on how organizations prepare for National Day celebrations, from elaborate decorations to captivating cultural performances and exhibitions.

Witness the passion and creativity of Saudi companies as they showcase their contributions to the nation’s growth and development.

This behind-the-scenes look at multimedia presentations and innovative product displays will inspire and leave you admiring the talent and dedication driving Saudi Arabia’s business landscape.


How do companies prepare for National Day in 5 steps by ERP?

Using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, companies prepare for National Day in Saudi Arabia in multiple phases. Here are five crucial measures:

Companies plan and coordinate National Day activities using their ERP systems. 

This includes establishing a project plan, assigning resources, and delineating tasks and deadlines.

Procurement and Inventory Management: The ERP system aids in the management of procurement processes to acquire National Day materials, decorations, and supplies. It also ensures effective inventory management to prevent stockouts and surpluses.

Financial Management: The ERP system monitors and controls the financial aspects of National Day planning. It aids in budget monitoring, expense tracking, and financial report generation to ensure cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Human Resources and Workforce Management: The ERP system aids in the administration of human resources for National Day celebrations.

It assists with staff scheduling, attendance tracking, and resource allocation. It also facilitates employee participation in cultural performances and other activities.

Communication and collaboration ERP systems facilitate effective communication and collaboration between employees who are preparing for National Day. 

It enables the seamless exchange of information, updates, and duties, ensuring that all team members are aligned and working towards the successful completion of the celebration.

By utilizing an ERP system, businesses can expedite their National Day preparations, improve their efficiency, and guarantee a memorable and cohesive celebration that embodies the spirit of Saudi Arabian nationalism.

How does ERP help Saudi companies on National Day?

ERP systems serve a crucial role in supporting Saudi companies during National Day celebrations. Here are a few ways in which ERP assists Saudi businesses on National Day:

ERP systems provide a centralized planning and coordination platform for National Day activities. Within the ERP system, businesses can create project plans, assign duties, establish deadlines, and monitor progress. This ensures that all teams and departments are working towards a unified objective.

ERP systems automate purchase orders, vendor administration, and inventory tracking to streamline the procurement process. Companies can efficiently acquire National Day materials, decorations, and supplies, ensuring adequate stock levels and avoiding shortages or excess inventory.

Financial Management and Budget Control ERP systems are equipped with robust financial management capabilities. 

Within the ERP system, businesses can monitor National Day-related expenses, manage budgets, and generate financial reports. This facilitates cost management, accurate financial monitoring, and adherence to budgetary restrictions.

ERP systems facilitate the management of human resources during the preparations for National Day. Companies can use the ERP system to schedule employees, monitor attendance, and manage employee participation in a variety of events and activities. 

This assures optimal workforce management and coordination.

Data Analytics and Insights: ERP systems offer beneficial data analytics and reporting capabilities.

Utilizing these capabilities, businesses can gain insights into National Day-related activities, including attendance rates, consumer engagement, and sales performance. 

These insights empower businesses to make decisions based on data and improve future National Day celebrations.

Improved communication and collaboration ERP systems facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between National Day preparation teams and departments. 

Within the ERP system, employees can share information, updates, and documents, fostering effective collaboration and ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent data.

By utilizing the capabilities of ERP systems, Saudi companies can expedite National Day preparations, optimize resource allocation, control costs, and improve the overall efficacy and efficiency of their celebrations.

What companies will benefit from ERP on National Day?

During National Day celebrations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be beneficial for various companies. Event management companies can streamline their planning, coordination, and execution processes by managing tasks, schedules, and resources. 

Retail and e-commerce companies can handle increased demand by managing inventory, sales, and order fulfillment. 

Hotels and tourism companies can manage reservations, room allocations, guest services, and operational aspects.

 Manufacturing and production companies can benefit from ERP systems for inventory management, production planning, and supply chain coordination. Food and beverage companies can manage menu planning, ingredient sourcing, inventory management, and order processing. 

Marketing and advertising agencies can manage creative assets, project timelines, client communications, and campaign performance tracking. 

Government entities can use ERP systems to streamline event planning, resource allocation, and budget management.

How does the accounts department benefit from ERP on National Day?

During National Day celebrations, the accounts department can benefit greatly from using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Here are a few ways the accounts department can profit:

Financial Monitoring: ERP systems provide robust financial management capabilities, allowing the accounts department to monitor National Day-related expenses, budgets, and financial transactions. 

It facilitates accurate and real-time monitoring of expenditures, thereby ensuring that the event stays within its budget.

Expense Management: With ERP, the accounts department can effectively manage and monitor National Day-related expenses. It enables streamlined expense recording, categorization, and approval, facilitating accurate cost allocation and reimbursement.

Budget Control: ERP systems aid the accounts department in establishing and controlling National Day budgets. 

By integrating budgetary controls into the ERP system, the accounts team is able to monitor expenditures against the budget, receive alerts for overspending, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation.

Financial Reporting: ERP systems generate comprehensive financial reports that shed light on National Day-related expenditures, revenues, and profitability. 

The accounts department can utilize these reports to analyze the National Day celebration’s financial performance, identify areas for improvement, and present accurate financial statements to stakeholders.

Financial Control and Compliance: ERP systems provide audit traces and robust security features that enhance financial control and compliance. 

The accounts department can rely on the system to keep accurate records, demonstrate adherence to financial regulations, and facilitate auditing processes.

Integration with Other Departments: ERP systems provide a centralized platform for department-wide data integration and collaboration. This ensures accurate financial data and streamlined operations.