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Laserfiche is a world-leading enterprise content management (ECM) solution that enables companies to manage document management (DMS) as well as document cycle automation (BPM).

Laserfish’s integrated solutions allow for faster and more streamlined business within any organization and reduce operating costs on four levels:

Time: by accelerating the work cycle and eliminating paper

Money: by reducing the cost of scanning, printing papers and inks, and maintaining printers

Location: By canceling the spaces designated for keeping documents

Security: By electronically keeping all the company’s papers and data in a safe place that allows confidentiality of information and is far from dangers and accidents.

Start your digital transformation now with Laserfish’s global business process automation, document management and archiving solutions.

Why Laserfiche ?

With an enterprise content management solution that allows for document management and version/revision control, losing control over critical documents can be a thing of the past.

A smart ECM solution allows for complete secure document management, from creation through destruction. Documents are centralized, searchable and, automatically linked to the appropriate account.

A well thought-out enterprise content management (ECM) solution like Laserfiche can ease minds and facilitate audits

A strategic ECM solution should streamline your business processes while staying flexible enough to meet your organization’s specific needs.

with the ability to simultaneously edit documents

Fully integrated with Dynamics ERP, CRM, Office 365 including Teams, Power BI, and other Microsoft products.
Flexible with simple Customization.

Complies with the new guidelines for electronic billing issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Clause 6.9 of the Electronic Billing Guidelines states the following: Persons subject to the electronic billing system must store their electronic bills in a server through which the Authority can access all data related to its bills and accounts as per its technical solution, storage and archiving requirements. According to VAT regulations, if the data is hosted on a cloud server, it must be available through a direct link that the authority can access at any time. The technical solution used must be able to allow persons subject to electronic billing regulations to export their invoices and save them in an external archiving system.



Run Smarter

Discover what Laserfiche is, and how it can help you automate common processes within your organization.


Why Pioneers ?

Pioneers’ team of engineers and professionals will work with you to completely comprehend your environment and develop solutions that are unique to your company.
We offer Sales Business Process advice, configuration/workflow development, system integration/data conversion, and full solution integration to equip your staff and customers with the tools and data they need to succeed.
All of this is supported by more than 18 years of technology field experience and more than 10 years in the ERP industry, with the mission of “delivering the best IT solution for your organization.”

Top Technical Capabilities

We don’t just implement the standard, we also develop customized solutions (in-house) to be Add-ons on the top of the ERP.

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Customer Delight is our target, we use the in-house ticketing system for maximum responsiveness.

Highest level of commitment

We always deliver what we promised. 100% delivery with zero failure until the moment.

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