Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

 Motivate your employees, put them in a position to succeed, and propel professional growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources‘ employee-centric tools.

The solution will assist you and your team in not only streamlining common HR tasks, but also in providing a better employee retention experience. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource

  • Managers and employees should be empowered. 
  • Encourage human resource excellence. 
  • Improve your core HR programs 
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource, you can provide employees with self-service tools. This gives your managers and employees access to all of the core HR features and capabilities in one place, lowering workforce costs and providing a great employee performance culture. The core HR feature automates employee benefits, compensation policies, compliance programs, and a variety of other core HR functions. You can create a high-performance culture for your new hire’s success with Dynamics 365 Human Resource. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR includes personnel management, employee development, self-service portals, learning management, compensation and benefits management, absence management, and other key HCM modules and apps. Payroll apps and other third-party functionality can be integrated into the system as well. 

Dynamic 365 HR

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