About Microsoft Dynamics Van Sales Business

Microsoft Dynamics Van Sales Business is a solution designed to help organizations in the consumer goods industry manage their sales operations more effectively.



It is specifically tailored for businesses that have mobile sales teams who sell and distribute products directly to customers from a van.

The solution enables sales teams to access real-time information about inventory levels, customer data, and order history, all from a single mobile device. This allows them to be more efficient in their sales process, as they can quickly check stock levels and customer details before making a sale.

One of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics Van Sales Business is its ability to generate invoices and receipts on the spot, which saves time and reduces the risk of errors. The solution also enables sales teams to track sales and inventory data in real time, which helps managers.

Which features of Van Sales Business?

Inventory can be seen and kept track of

Mobile point-of-sale systems can check the inventory in the truck by items, lots, or serial numbers. Each sale changes the number of items in stock.
Geo-location was possible
All transactions have GPS coordinates added to them and are shown on a world map. This lets Supervisors in the back office keep an eye on the fleet almost in real-time.

Live to track the fleet

On the world map, Supervisors can see all mobile transactions in real-time, such as orders, invoices, payments, deliveries, and more.

Temperature maps

There are different heat map reports that show the places in the world where most of the money and activities happen.

The analysis of fleet route compliance
The system keeps track of the planned customer visits of the fleet, analyses them, and checks to see if they are happening as planned.

Day’s end reports

Supervisors and mobile agents can both run end-of-day reports at any time to see how things are going right now. The EOD report has full information about daily sales, cash on hand, inventory levels, and other things. Once the trucks are back in the garage, this information can be used for daily reconciliation.

Features of the back-end (office) and mobile site

For people in the office (Supervisors) who manage users, plan routes, set up campaigns and visit types, make surveys, see reports, and keep track of what mobile agents are doing in real-time.

Mobile Agents who follow the routes and do the tasks that Supervisors give them.

Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales is a stand-alone solution that can be linked to your ERP. It has its own back-end and database, but it can also be linked to your ERP (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, etc.).

Both online and in personal Off-line mode

Dynamics Mobile’s synchronisation technology lets the mobile app store and use business data that is already on the device. This means that Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales can run completely offline, without a constant Internet connection.

Benefits of Geolocation Capabilities for your Van Sales Business.

Mobile devices today have powerful geolocation features that can help a lot when it comes to things like van sales, direct store delivery, small/home office deliveries, and other things like that.

But for the organisation to use these device features, it needs to use the right software solution. Using the geolocation features of modern mobile devices, software solutions can quickly improve the effectiveness of field teams by letting them do things like a plan and optimise sales routes, track and monitor them in real time, and report on and analyse their activities.

The practice of optimization says that organisation should plan their daily routes ahead of time based on how many customers they want to see. This will include not only a list of customers who need to be seen on a certain date but also a plan for how the customers will be seen in order to make the most of the time on the route.

The organisation can tell the difference between what was planned and what was actually happening on the ground by tracking and watching the fleet in real-time. Then, this information can be analysed and turned into insights that can help make decisions. With these kinds of practices, an organisation goes from being reactive to “modern insight-driven.”
In terms of revenue and costs, this is where the difference between being reactive and being proactive can be seen.

the solution offers a large number of features based on geolocation, making use of the geolocation features of modern mobile devices.

This includes route planning and automatic optimization, real-time tracking and monitoring, route data collection, and powerful reporting and monitoring. which tells us a lot about how things really are on the ground. Companies can easily find out if their average number of visits goes up after certain events or get key performance indicators (KPIs) about how effective visits are for the whole team, each salesperson, or even customers.

Using the right solution that allows modern geolocation devices to be used is a game changer for companies that manage sales teams in the field.